Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer In Women

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer In Women : Signs And Symptoms Of Cerebral Aneurysm.

Symptoms Of Stomach Cancer In Women

symptoms of stomach cancer in women

    stomach cancer

  • A disease in which stomach cells become malignant (cancerous) and grow out of control, forming a tumor. Risk factors include helicobacter pylori infection (see definition), long-term stomach inflammation, smoking, family history, poor diet, lack of physical activity or obesity.
  • Gastric cancer can develop in any part of the stomach and may spread throughout the stomach and to other organs; particularly the esophagus, lungs, lymph nodes, and the liver. Stomach cancer causes about 800,000 deaths worldwide per year.


  • A sign of the existence of something, esp. of an undesirable situation
  • A physical or mental feature that is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient
  • (symptom) (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
  • (symptom) anything that accompanies X and is regarded as an indication of X’s existence
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symptoms of stomach cancer in women – Prepackaged (7

Prepackaged (7 3/4 in.) Cancer Awareness Bracelet 18 Colors, 8mm
Prepackaged (7 3/4 in.) Cancer Awareness Bracelet 18 Colors, 8mm
Product Description Our Bracelets are Handmade in the USA. Made with 8mm cats eye beads (the red bead here is a glass pearl, not a cat’s eye bead), silver plated 5mm round beads,silver plated Bali Daisy Spacer beads and a cancer awareness ribbon. Finished with a strong lobster clasp with strong professional wire. These bracelets are 7 3/4 inches long, this will fit most adults and is a good universal size. They also come with two extension rings per bracelet just in case. The bracelets come mounted on a card, prepackaged with the meaning of all the cancer colors printed on the back of the card. A great way to get bracelets for any cancer awareness event, to resell for a good cause or just to wear your self to show support for cancer awareness. Colors used in this bracelet and their meanings: You will receive the following colors: Forest Green (Renal/Kidney), Dark Brown (Colo-rectal & Anti-Tobacco), Purple (Pancreatic), Orange (Leukemia), Powder Blue (Thyroid & Prostate), Royal Blue (Prostate), Mint (Liver, Lymphoma & transplant), Lavender (All cancer survivors and general cancer awareness), Yellow (Bladder), Black (Melanoma), White (Cervical, Bone & Retinoplastoma), Gray (Brain), Pink (Breast), Teal (Ovarian), Peach(Uterine), Red/Burgundy (Aids/Myeloma), Golden (Childhood Cancer) & Periwinkle (Stomach).

The Healing Arts

The Healing Arts
People try their best to avoid illnesses. That is why we have so many pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. There are three main ways to prevent or treat illness: Western allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and qigong.

Western allopathic medicine (distinct from homeopathy, which has been practiced in the West for more than 200 years) is currently the most popular method of the three. It consists of a set of clinical theories and a suite of treatment strategies that include injections, pills, surgery, and radiation therapy.

By treating the symptoms, Western allopathic medicine offers direct and sometimes mechanical treatments to treat a patient. For example, fever is treated with antipyretics, inflammation with antibiotics, and a tumor often with surgery.

Chinese medicine, after flourishing in ancient times and declining in modern times, is now on the path of resurgence. Instead of taking the direct cause-response approach like that of Western allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine views the human body as an integrated system and uses such traditional knowledge as the meridian system, the yin and yang theory, and the theory of the five elements.
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With a systemic and integral understanding of human health, doctors of Chinese medicine highlight variables that include living in harmony with the environment and the relationship between mind and body.

For example, physicians of Chinese medicine see that strong emotions, such as anger, can cause liver damage, while panic damages the kidneys. Therefore, effective prevention and treatment of illnesses involves not only medicine but also self-adjustment, ranging from controlling mood swings and a bad temper to choosing a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

I have a good friend, a college professor, whose menstruation suddenly stopped. She felt uncomfortable and went to see Western medicine doctors many times. The doctors considered it a gynecological problem and prescribed a number of different medicines, but the treatments did not work.

Later, someone recommended that she see an experienced elderly doctor of Chinese medicine. After examination, this doctor attributed her malaise to inadequate stomach energy. He prescribed Chinese medicine, and it worked immediately.

This may appear unusual—that the cause of a gynecological symptom could be found in a stomach issue. But from this, we can see that a doctor of Chinese medicine with a deeper understanding of health and illness of the human body can provide an alternative remedy with a successful outcome.

Qigong, a seemingly modern term, actually refers to cultivation practices that have a history of thousands of years. When neither Western medicine nor Chinese medicine works, people, especially Asians, tend to seek out qigong.

For beginners, qigong may seem to involve movements or a type of exercise that regulates qi, or vital energy. A deeper understanding, however, indicates that illness has its roots in karma created in the past. Therefore, to fundamentally cure an illness, one needs to pay off these karmic debts. In addition, one must be kind, truthful, and tolerant. These three virtues provide the most fundamental way to cure illnesses.

I saw a patient in Taiwan—a middle-aged woman who had breast cancer. After she began practicing Falun Gong, a form of qigong, one day during sitting meditation, she saw a silver fish with deep hatred for her. It came to her that in the past she had killed this particular fish, and the fish hated her so much that it had showed up as an illness in this dimension.

Since she has begun cultivating the three virtues, her breast cancer disappeared.

Traditional Chinese medicine includes the concept that karma is accumulated in this and former lifetimes as a result of doing bad deeds or harming others. Suffering is one means of eliminating this karma.

Long Term Acute Care Hospital – Birmingham, AL (read the note!) – h

Long Term Acute Care Hospital - Birmingham, AL (read the note!) - h
If you’re here, you’re a really sick puppy. But don’t worry, I took GOOD care of you!

Some of you may be curious about the conditions of the folks I cared for, so I’ll tell ya’.

These are cases I handled!

One was a guy who coded (his heart stopped) because of Guillain–Barre syndrome, tracheostomy ventilator dependent, his ileostomy that couldn’t be sealed completely, leaked & irritated his abdominal skin and leaked onto the bed, he had a levophed (a pressor nicknamed "leave ’em dead") drip & TPN (total parenteral nutrition) ordered…

he lived & went home to Wife.

Another was a fellow who came from a nursing home with Stage IV decubitus ulcers (to the bone) on his cocyx and incontinent of stool, contractures (couldn’t completely straighten out his body because of muscle wasting), Parkinson’s disease, expressive aphasia (couldn’t speak because of strokes), he eventually had to have a G-tube (tube directly to the stomach for feeding and/or medication administration)…

…he lived & went home to Son.

Another was an older lady with "Sundowner’s Syndrome" (a type of dementia marked by increasing confusion appearing with nightfall), anuric (kidneys shut down secondary to diabetes, a common, long-term complication), with a split chest and wound-vac (she stepped on the hose and I had to replace the entire wound covering – I could’ve stuck my finger through her chest wall onto her heart) and had to do it while she sat motionless in her bedside recliner…

…she lived & went home to Daughter.

Another was a young, reproductive-aged woman with a rather mysterious disease process which rendered her, at least temporarily, mentally incompetent, she couldn’t keep any food down, etc., etc., so the docs just treat the symptoms, not knowing a dz (disease), all which was complicated by her diabetes, refusal to comply with treatment and incontinence of stool and urine, combined with massive genital & peri-anal warts (which cause cervical cancer)…

…she lived & went home to Mama.

And that, my friends, is just a GOOD START!


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